Sunday, March 1, 2009

Growing & Wiggling

They are growing so fast!  Abbie's ears & tail still seem to be growing faster than her body, as do Ginger's legs.  
Abbie is stout, as she has been from the beginning.  Very muscular.  It comes in handy for her, because she insists on doing things her way.  She is not easily distracted, and her mind is tough to change.  For instance, if she has in her mind that there's something worth digging for (on the couch, under a blanket, under my shirt, wherever), there is NO stopping her.  She usually sleeps up by our chests; but, for goodness sake, don't mess with her.  She gets irritated very easily & will retreat to the bottom of the bed with Ginger.  We cut their toenails last night & it was very difficult to hold Abbie still because she's so strong. 
Ginger was hard to hold still for the trimming, just because she NEVER stays still.  She is constantly wiggling.  When she wags her tail, her whole back side actually wags.  She likes to lay on her back an become a little happy ball of legs, tail & tongue.  Unlike Abbie, Ginger doesn't mind being woken up for a few kisses.
They are the easiest dogs ever!!  They are completely litter box trained, and we go for regular runs up & down the hallway for exercise - so we never have to take them out into the winter weather (except for our weekly trips to PetSmart).  And they've just made our lives even easier. From day one, we've walked them out to their litter box in the middle of the night, at least once a night, usually twice.  Now, they're fine with walking out here on their own.  They just ask to be let down off the bed, and I lift them up when they come back.  We're shopping for stairs... hopefully, we'll be able to sleep completely through the night soon.  YEA!!!


  1. You mean litter box as in a KITTY litter box? Or are you still using those puppy pads? The puppies are soooo cute.

  2. It's a little larger than a kitty litter box. Yeah, we still use the puppy pads. We tried actual litter, but Ginger kept trying to eat it. We change the puppy pads about 4 times a day, but it's SO worth it. Now I understand why the pads are sometimes sold in huge bulk boxes!