Sunday, August 16, 2009


Who knew chihuahuas like to garden?? They were VERY helpful and got a long overdue bath afterwards. Good job girls!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Safety First

One of the final major improvements to our 4th-story balcony are safety wires for our girls. Mark has about half of the galvanized wire installed - will probably finish the rest today if his hands are up for it. The girls' heads and bodies are just about equal in width to the gaps in our balcony rail - not a good thing. The wires halve the width of the gaps, and look surprisingly cool with our other improvement!
Currently when we open the door to go out, we have to be very careful to net let one of them slip out. Both girls LOVE to sit on the balcony with us, especially Abbie. Most of the time we hold them. Occasionally when I'm here by myself, I put their harnesses on and leash them to one of the chairs.
Hopefully in a few more days, Ginger & Abbie can safely enjoy lounging harness-free on the balcony with us. Yea!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Drama Queen

Abbie is SUCH a drama queen these days! When we come home from being away for more than an hour, she goes nuts! If she was a human child, there would be tears and "MOMMY, DADDY, I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! Please don't leave any more! Oh I'm so glad your here, but why did you do that to me. I MISSED YOU!!" To the untrained ear, though, it just sounds like pitiful - very pitiful - whimpers and cries combined with celebratory jumping and kissing. Pitiful.
Also, Abbie used to be the cool one when it was time to cut toenails. But now - oh my goodness - you'd think we were poking her with a red hot stick! She lets us cut a few just fine. But once she figures out what's going on, we can't even touch her feet without a painful scream (again, pitiful). I think we looked at her feet wrong once tonight & she screamed.
And the award goes to......