Monday, February 23, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

5th Vet Appointment

This was their final puppy appointment.  The next time they go in will be at 6 months for spaying.
Ginger 3.2 (lanky & lean)
Wasabi 3.9 (sturdy & stout)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunshine Doggies

1st Superbowl Party

A former coworker & his family watched the Superbowl with us.  Shelly fell in love with GInger immediately, and Drake wore the girls out!

Abbie (Wasabi) and daddy

Both of the girls love to help Mark in the studio.  They spend many hours a day either on his lap in front of the computer, or entertaining themselves on the floor while he reconfigures things.  Abbie can climb the stairs into the room and Ginger can't, so she and daddy have developed a little something special.

4th Vet Appointment

Ginger has developed small hard bumps at the sites of previous injections.  Vet is now monitoring them.
Ginger 3.0
Wasabi 3.5

Why Buy Two??

We buy two of almost everything, BUT Ginger hides hers and steals Abbie’s.  Perfect example is the Nyloplast bones (we went to those so hopefully Abbie wouldn’t choke).  Ginger immediately buries hers between the couch cushions, and fights Abbie for hers.

3rd Vet Appointment


Dr commented on Abbie’s big ears

Ginger 2.7

Wasabi 3.0

Play Date #2

Had second play date with Gizmo & Richie.  Ginger ran out the front door to greet Gizmo, Abbie barked a bit & was just scared.  

To break the ice, I thought we’d do an activity together so we “went for a run.” (We’ve been running the girls up & down our empty 4th floor hallway in hopes of playing fetch there someday.)  Well, because it took Gizmo a bit to catch on, me & the girls we on our way back to the start by the time he started.  In a narrow concrete hallway, the three of us were running right at a “charging” yorkie/poodle/mutt.  Abbie stopped dead in her tracks and SCREAMED! It was hilarious!

Play Date

Had first play date with Gizmo, Jeff & Richie.  Girls were excited to meet new people, but froze in their tracks when they saw the dog.  One or two seconds of staring, then then ran away screaming.  Ginger started coming around, but Abbie was skittish the rest of the night.

2nd Vet Appointment

Oral medicine

Huge list of questions including food, bath, teeth, humping (yes, apparently girl dogs do it too), etc.

Ginger 2.3 lbs

Wasabi 2.7 lbs

1st Vet appointment

Our favorite vet who saw Tippy for years moved to Ohio last year.  So we had to find a new vet.  Our neighbor Stan recommended Grassmere Animal Hospital.  We have been very happy with them so far.
Shots & Oral Medicine
Ginger 2.0 lbs
Wasabi 2.3 lbs

Sunday, February 1, 2009