Sunday, March 15, 2009

Big Blue Monsters!

We made our standard trek to PetSmart yesterday with 3 goals in mind
    1) Find a clearance sweater or coat for Abbie
    2) Expose the girls to a variety of people
    3) Expose the girls to other dogs
   We found an adorable sweater, lots of people pet them, and we had  a few successful interactions with other small dogs. What we did not anticipate was a run-in with the big blue monsters.  
   Let me back up: During one of our first trips to PS, Abbie freaked out when a shopper & his huge blue shopping cart (or buggy, as it's called here) rounded the corner.  I didn't think of the incident again until yesterday.
  Yesterday we were making a lap around the store, both dogs on leashes, me and Ginger leading the way.  About half way around, I looked behind me & Mark was struggling to get Abbie to take another step.  Then she turned & ran the other way!  It was then I realized that she would have had to walk between two big blue carts.  Apparently, she's still terrorized by that first attack.
   Next weekend's PetSmart To-Do list
       1) Find a tank-top for Ginger
       2) Conquer the Big Blue Monsters

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