Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grass & Car Accident

Last weekend, we were planning to introduce the girls to grass.  Yes, they are 4 months old & have not yet seen grass (except Abbie for 30 seconds one time on a road trip - we were trying desperately to get her to go, but she was perplexed).  Anyway, Saturday was mid-70's so we though it'd be a good day to check out the dog park in Centennial Park - I heard there's a small dog section.  We made our way through the park & were ready to find a prkg spot when we were rear-ended.  Fortunately, the girls were in their cage which is strapped into the back seat.  They got restless waiting for the cop to get there, but other than that were fine.  Whew!
Too shook up to continue with the dog park adventure, we went home & just walked them to the courthouse park.  It took a little while, but they seemed to enjoy the grass.  Though they never did figure out what to "do" on the grass.  They are doing great with the leashes!  They even walked part way home.  We picked them up about half way back so we can ease their pads into this "outside" thing.
Another downtown resident was there walking their chihuahuas at the courthouse.  Ginger & Abbie want NOTHING to do with other dogs yet.  They love people, but we've really got to work on socializing them with other animals.   We've got a few ideas.

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