Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Uncle Bubba!

As we expected, the girls were enthralled with Uncle Bubba (our dear friend, Brad Brown). What we didn't expect was that he would come bearing gifts for them. He showed up Tuesday afternoon (HIS birthday) with a sack bigger than the two dogs combined, filled with specialty doggy treats from an Indianapolis bakery. Everyone was gracious enough to wait for me to get home form work to start the show.

First up: the red truffle. We broke half of the truffle into bite-size pieces, and put it on a plate for Ginger & Abbie to share. By the time Abbie smelled around & ate her first piece, Ginger had devoured most of the rest, and was cleaning up the crumbs. In the spirit of fairness, we broke up the second half, and held Ginger long enough for Abbie to get her share. Maybe we'll try the yellow truffle or a cookie tonight......

Brad and Ginger had a few things to work out. Ginger is very much an in-your-face dog. Brad is very much a protect-my-pretty-TV-face guy. The conflict is quite understandable: I usually have at least one visible scratch on my face or neck at all times - the engineers I work with just don't care. But that just wouldn't work for him. Besides that issue, everyone got along splendidly.

We'd only had one overnight guest before Brad since we got the girls, so it's still a bit new for them. They got startled once in the middle of the night & barked when Brad was stirring, but it didn't take long for them to remember we had a guest. They quickly jumped out of bed, ran into the living room, and tackled him on the couch. "Oh yeah!!! We have company!!! We're so glad you're here!!! We love you, we love you, we love you, and we don't care that it's the middle of the night & you're trying to sleep!!! We want to love you, and kiss you, and play with you!!! YEA!!!!!" After a while, they joined Mark & I back in bed, but periodically went out to remind Brad how excited they were to have him.

The pictures are frames from a funny little video (Mark should be posting the video soon....)

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