Sunday, August 2, 2009

Drama Queen

Abbie is SUCH a drama queen these days! When we come home from being away for more than an hour, she goes nuts! If she was a human child, there would be tears and "MOMMY, DADDY, I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! Please don't leave any more! Oh I'm so glad your here, but why did you do that to me. I MISSED YOU!!" To the untrained ear, though, it just sounds like pitiful - very pitiful - whimpers and cries combined with celebratory jumping and kissing. Pitiful.
Also, Abbie used to be the cool one when it was time to cut toenails. But now - oh my goodness - you'd think we were poking her with a red hot stick! She lets us cut a few just fine. But once she figures out what's going on, we can't even touch her feet without a painful scream (again, pitiful). I think we looked at her feet wrong once tonight & she screamed.
And the award goes to......

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