Sunday, June 21, 2009

Social Progress

         They've always been good with people.  Well, most of the time.  But NEVER with other dogs. This afternoon at PetSmart, after just one visit to the Dog Park, G&A were SOOOO chilled out!!  No, they did not run to meet any of the other dogs in the store, but they did not run away either!  No fearful yelping, no "mommy, save me!!", just "Hmmm.  Pretty sure I don't like that other four-legged creature but, whatever."
          And, also a new development, they approached mutiple strangers to say "Hi, who are you?  Will you love on me?"  Previously, they were usually good when someone wanted to pet them.  But they typically did not approach strangers on their own.  
     ALSO, what we've all been waiting update on the Big Blue Monsters (see the Big Blue Monsters post for the background story):
Today, for the first time, Abbie was more interested in the people behind the monsters than the creatures themselves.  We walked right by the 4-wheeled beasts without hesitation.
ps. Apparently Ginger DOES look good in pink IF it's paired with brown.  

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