Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

They did it!!!! They pottied on the grass!!! We were traveling to Indiana, a 7-8 hour trip, stopped at Wendy's, and Woo-Hoo!! Traveling longer distances with our refined little city girls just became an option.
We started at Mom Sunnie's place where the girls LOVED the back yard. Their retractable leashes gave them a bit of freedom to roam and run. Ginger was hilarious - she kept rolling in the grass. Not just in one spot, but everywhere! And not just one or two rolls, but over and over over again. Several times her body and/or legs got wrapped up like a yo-yo. Very funny. Grandma enjoyed the girls but, as the picture shows, was a bit hesitant to let Ginger go crazy kissing her face. And the more she resisted, the more Ginger tried.
That first night we also visited Rod, DeLila, & the kids. After a walk in the backyard with Lindsey and Mark, Wasabi and Ginger ran 100 mph circles inside the large carpeted house.  All was good until they hit the one patch of linoleum - Abbie turned soon enough but, with the momentum of a freight train, slid sideways into the closet doors.
Next was Dad Sonny's where our quiet girls became barkers.  Wow.  Bruce's kids and Christopher were there and were very patient, taking turns petting them.  Jackie and Ginger built a special little bond - Jackie knew that all it took was a little tummy rub and Ginger was hers for at least five minutes.  Chris & Andrew pretended to be dogs in the basement & got the girls all riled up - they loved it.  And sweet Katie just wanted to hold one of them; but since the dogs are bigger than her lap, it was just tough! 
Reunion at Grandma Millers was fun, too.  The girls were startled at first by another dog, but soon calmed down.  They spent most of the time on our laps, but did make a few laps around the yard with various nieces & nephews holding their leashes.  They walk so well - always want to be side by side, and like to walk right by my side.
Last stop was Mom Miller's.  Again with the barking.  Actually, they were ok until Monday when Barb & the kids showed up.  Ginger had gotten herself locked in mom's office, so she was in a tizzy anyway.  Abbie heard Ginger's tizzy, and that got her into a tizzy.  Together they completely tizzied-out when they saw Bard. And despite her excellent efforts, they never did completely warm up to her. (funny, because Barb was their favorite over Christmas!)    We took a walk around the pond while the grandkids were wrapping up the fishing contest, and came face to face with some cows.  Fearful curiosity on both sides of the fence, but the cows were much braver (size and numbers on their side).  
And, thanks for the new profile pic, Barb!

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